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Moroccan Amethyst Faceted Ring in 18k Gold


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A truly breathtaking, hematite included, Moroccan amethyst stone is set in 18k gold and Argentium silver with a 22k gold bezel in this fun, mountain inspired, statement ring.

Moroccan Amethyst is not to be confused with traditional amethyst. Its red hematite fingerprint is visible to the naked eye and is absolutely mesmerizing. The light dances off the stone as it transitions from different shades of purple, violet, lavender and fuchsia.

The stone in the ring pictured has been sold, but all available stones will have the same aesthetic and feel. Stone A will look almost identical in size and shape to the ring shown. Stone B is more narrow, but with a really beautiful cut. Stone C will be slightly different due to the coloring.

To learn more about Moroccan Amethyst, visit the GIA site here:

Stone size :: A) 23x17mm B) 23x13mm C) 21x23mm

Band width :: Approx 2.5mm

Materials: Solid 18k Gold, 22k Gold, Argentium Silver, Amethyst, Love

Ring Size :: Customized


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